Manila To Bangkok Travel Vlog Day#1

[Music] hey let's go getting ready guys [Music] open this for the backpacks i know you guys can't see it but we're gonna play like [Music] is [Music] hello everybody it's your boy charlie and you're watching charlie channel today we are gonna travel to the one country i've been dreaming about bangkok i don't know why but you know like people making videos and all about that so i thought why we don't go to bangkok so right now we are at the airport and we are going to check in we are going to security and after that we gonna go check in [Music] yo what's up everybody we are at the airport as you can see hello everyone hello hello so here's my uncle we're gonna travel with him aka gd jolly you see that white camera up there on his t-shirt oh it's a small camera spy camera [Music] now we are a checking counter so now we're gonna give all the details all the passports and tickets and ids we got the boarding pass bro let's go got it settle best coffee this is the one we got so starbucks was closed so we thought why we don't get this coffee so they got a lot of stuff eating ice white probably and then i said that's very much one vegetable hi smoking is strictly prohibited so we were hoping for a window seat but we didn't get a window seat so the recording you're seeing right now was by the window seat because i sat on a windows seat after an hour so right now what you're seeing is a beautiful view of the earth while i was in a plane and enjoy the view [Music] [Music] thailand so right now we are headed for the immigration that's because we need to go to immigration but before that we're gonna go exchange some dollars [Music] so right now we got our dollars exchanged to thai bot it's thailand currency we're gonna use in tunneling after immigration we go because the cameras are not allowed so i wasn't able to record but we are at the exit from here we book a car a van to be specific to headed to the hotel so it was like 1300 baht it's called taibat and now we are headed to the berkeley hotel we are officially out we are out and we are welcome to bangkok yes [Music] now we have arrived at berkeley hotel [Music] [Music] now we are finally in let's see what the hotel's been waiting us for so right at the left i saw something the person worshipped that man with all the food they have made and all the drinks now the hotel is kind of big so like as you know if you search berkeley it's like top number one not number one top hotel in bangkok and now we are starting to check in and our check-in [Music] they ask for our tickets our passports and our ids and everything so after checking we got a card [Applause] we got the room right now we're in the main tower the room number is 2 402 and the floor is 24.

right now we need to go to um hello hello hello this way 402 this way this way for alternate 402 yes yes yes we [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] foreign boat right now we are headed to indian restaurant so before we go to indian restaurant there was a night market going on so yeah we passed through the night market and we are here at indian restaurant in [Music] like a thailand [Music] [Music] [Music] and plain rice so after we got our tummies full we went to see the sleeping buddha and we had a fun like it's kind of so long and it's all golden i wasn't sure if it's made up of real gold or is it coated gold so that's still my question coming down [Music] or something [Music] like what okay finally red [Music] okay now this is the mall platinum balls [Music] another one now this is like a night market or something now we're outside the mall and changing the mall so we got boys from that mall but we bought something so i wasn't able to get it on camera but my mom bought some like earrings and you know some jewelry stuff [Music] these are the right [Music] [Music] hello [Music] now [Music] okay [Music] one [Music] studio [Music] batman batman batman right now still bad [Music] marvel [Music] and we are on the fourth floor [Music] uh [Music]