Hotel Keycard Travel Hack

Hotel Keycard Travel Hack, Save Money and Travel with EaseHave.

You ever thought about using your old hotel keycards to your advantage. Well, now you can. The hotel, keycard travel hack is a creative way to save money while traveling and make your journey more convenient. Instead of throwing away your used keycards, you can simply use them to gain access to hotels, transportation and even popular tourist sites.

Most hotel keycards have a magnetic strip that stores information, such as your name and room number

Hotel Keycard Travel Hack

This information can be deleted by the hotel once you check out, but the magnetic strip will still be active.

So if you are planning another trip, you can use the same keycard to avoid paying for another hotel keycard. Additionally, if you are traveling to a city with a public transportation system that uses cards with similar magnetic strips, you may be able to use your hotel keycard to access buses and subways This travel. Hack may also work for museums and